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Baldor Bites 2018

Our full service catering company requires us to stay on top of the new trends so often times we try to go to local food shows to see new products. Recently we attended Baldor Bites and it was well worth our time. We were happy to be able to see so many small & local businesses that work with Baldor. Baldor is one of the largest specialty food distributors in the tristate area. They support so many small farms and small businesses that there was no doubt in our mind in becoming a customer. They have such an wide variety of products and deliver to us in CT.

One of our first stops were with Fresh Origins Microgreens. This company offers plenty of items (mention just a few) such as micro greens, petite vegetables, edible flowers and herb/fruit/flower crystals for cocktails. and If your not familiar with these items take a look at their website these items offer such a small but important part of a meal. It adds such a beautiful and delicate taste to any meal. Chef Kevin often uses these micro greens in certain dishes to enhance his unique flare. Tasting and sampling these items were truly a treat.

We also came across Mike's Hot Honey! There presentation was very different. They offered their Chili infused honey over vanilla ice cream. Very creative of them to served it with ice cream. It was delicious!

One of our favorites were Catskill Provisions. We were greeted by a woman with the cutest pair of glasses on and a big welcoming smile on her face. Clair Marin, CEO & Founder was so informative and shared with us her story of tending to beehives and growing her company. Its such a pleasure to see people who really love and care about what they are doing. They offered us a variety of honey & honey infused products. The best product was the Honey Rye Whiskey. I am not much of a Whiskey drinker but it really was delicious! We would love to use her honey in one of our dishes for our events.

Normally the shows we attend require a proof of our food license or business license but Baldor doesn't require it. So if you get a chance, or have a day off and want to check out some exciting stuff go online and sign up for Baldor Bites!

Check out this short clip of Chef Kevin at Baldor Bites!

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