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Ubud Food Festival

There is one word that comes to me when I think of this place and that is "magical". Bali can best be described as the perfect mixture of ancient culture, lovely people, and diversity. This place is like no where I have ever visited. Incredible landscapes that seem so ordinary but are so lush and truly breath taking.

We had the pleasure of attending Ubud Food Festival this year. It's so important to us to see whats out there whether it is street food or fine dining wherever we go. We truly love it all. There were companies there that we were familiar with but the fun is encountering brands and foods that are new to us. Chef Kevin as you know is a fan of all things different when it comes to food.

We made it a priority to attend a cooking demonstration from Michelin Starred Chef Jun Lee. We had to pay for these tickets but it was well worth it! Jun Lee is the Executive Chef & Owner of Soigné in Seoul, South Korea. It was such a sight to see! He is so meticulous it was amazing to see him in his element. He seemed so genuine and is a very modest person, Chef Kevin got to speak to him for a while which was really gracious of him to take the time out to speak with attendees.

He emphasized that his food is Korean but is inspired by the area in which he was raised. He said that Korean food has so many different influences. He also shared that unlike most restaurants, he changes his menu often. With this change he tells a story of what and how he was inspired. Its an incredible way to make food an experience rather than just indulging in it. The dish he prepared was remarkable. He created a Lamb Steak seasoned with Korean spices with golden Tajarin Pasta. (Seen Below)

Before leaving Ubud, Chef Kevin insisted we could not leave without visiting Room 4 Dessert! You might have heard about it on Netflix on the show Chef's table. It's owner is Chef Goldfarb, also has a wonderful cookbook that is well worth the purchase. He has such a weird but impressive array of desserts. My favorite was the "Skinny Blanquette" which is the most popular dessert. It's made with mostly all coconut ingredients four different ways. The interesting thing that I have never experienced was that there was a dessert room. Those who are eating in the dessert room were not allowed to order from the regular food menu. According to staff, Chef Goldfarb believes that the aromas of food will influence your palate while you eat your dessert. So for the most enjoyable experience you can order from the regular menu in the garden part of the restaurant.

Overall the event was well organized, informative and we had a great time. I would go back there in a heart beat. The food, the culture, the people are incredible. Check out a short clip of our time spent in Bali!

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