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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire an Event Planner

With the expenses pilling up for a long list of event essentials, hiring 1 more professional seems daunting.  But any event just wouldn't be the same without a highly rated and experienced Event Planner.  

Here is a list of 5 reasons why you should hire an Event Planner:

5. Handling minor details that are often forgotten 

Having an Event Planner is having a second pair of eyes.  The cliché statement of "2 eyes are better than 1" goes a long way.   Those 2nd pair of eyes come in handy with decreasing the chances of you overlooking something very important.   Something that seems minor can be detrimental to your event, especially a wedding. Knowing when the sun will set for pictures, extra last minute guests RSVP'ing, letting guests know alternative accommodations for different budgets are just a few details that seem minor but can cause a major inconvenience at your event.

4. Set up & Break down event space

The worst thing you can do at your event is be the person that is setting up/breaking down tables and décor.  Running frantic delegating tasks is just not good host etiquette.  You are supposed to be the bell of the ball, making your grand entrance, greeting guests with a relaxed mind and attitude.

3. Have a point person that everyone can contact including vendors and guests

The shear volume of questions and correspondence for an event can be overwhelming.  Having an Event Planner can take that burden off of you.  Providing them as a contact on the initial invite is a good way of introducing them to your guests.  Having a personal relationship with guests that want special accommodations can be a lot of work.  Having that third party can alleviate the work of doing lots of research.  Having an Event Planner also gives vendors a point of reference throughout the process to contact instead of asking you or asking guests on the day of an event.

2. Can consult with industry norms and pricing

Event Planners are very savvy and resourceful. They are very familiar with industry pricing and know how to negotiate with professionals especially who they have great rapport with.  Trusting an Event Planner to handle this part of the coordination is important because they are aware of your budget and how strict or loose you are about it.

1. Stress Free Event

I see all the time that people endure the responsibilities of decorating, corresponding, handling minor problems at their events.  How can you possibly hand all these responsibilities and enjoy your special day.  How unfortunate for the guests to kiss the bride goodbye and then see her roll up her sleeves to begin the clean up process.  This is just not ideal.  Hiring an Event Planner will let you focus on yourself and your special day.

Sometimes an event planner is not in the budget.  So I suggest a Day of Coordinator!  They are aware of all event details leading up to your event and they make the day go smoothly.  For weddings, a Day of Coordinator + a Wedding planning book is your best friend.  Don't forget organization is the key to a successful event!!

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