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Photography vs Videography

Updated: Feb 28, 2018


Number one deciding factor is usually budget. Deciding where to invest the most money can be difficult. An experienced photographer will cost you between $150.00-$700.00 per hour for an event. Please factor in travel, event size and type of event to determine if there are any additional costs (i.e Weddings, anniversaries, etc). A lot of videographers have packages that let you determine whether you will need editing or want a 5 minute compilation of the event or even use of drones. Packages will run roughly between $2000.00- $5000.00 per block of 5 to 8 hour days. Weddings will always cost more because of the extent of labor. If you are able to invest in both that is great too but sometimes one of the services isn’t entirely needed.


In my opinion a photographer is very important. The style of the photographer can speak to you. Some have a more modern feel to their work and some focus on candid shots for certain events. It is important to go through their portfolio and look at pictures from an event similar to yours.


For the more expensive service, videography can capture things that you hadn’t seen the day of your event. Videography used to be just taping events and cutting out extra unnecessary or inappropriate things that occurred. But now a skillful videographer can compose a story of your day that can make you want to watch it over and over again. Not only seeing your guests but experiencing the emotion that they felt can make all the difference in the world.

When thinking of about your wedding day, photographs are things you want to have to share for years and years to come. You want your future children and your grandchildren to have these memories. Also making parent albums are the trend to some when they are not living near there parents. On the other hand, throwing an event such as an 85th birthday party, a video should be considered because of the guest of honor’s age. Also the importance of age when it comes to small children like with a 1st birthday party can be an experience you want to hold on to. Kids grow up fast and you will never experience them at that age again.


Take into consideration what service would be better for the type of event you are having. Keep in mind what is most important to you. Are you someone that goes through your phone after an event and looks through pictures constantly or do you go straight to the videos and are filled with emotion to hear a laugh or cry and relive the experience? It will make all the difference in what you choose.

For our wedding it was important to have great pictures but it was more important to invest into a talented videographer. I knew for the setting we chose and the type of event that we were having that it would be hard for us to experience everyone and everything around us. I hope the information given will make you think more about what you want and not what is the norm.

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